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We are delighted to welcome you to our digital world of Current Magazines. For 8 years, we've been able to bring Current Magazines into your home across this city. We are ready to take this new journey with you as we bring you our brand new website. See some of the latest issues and articles right here. 

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Current Media & Magazines presents three monthly magazines that strive to bring the best of our communities to light. We cover the culture of our lives. We highlight each of our neighborhood's uniqueness in art, music, and business by showing you the people, triumphs, and history never covered by mainstream media. We invite you in to collaborate and contribute to our editorial. We hope you leave our pages more informed, more inspired, and proud of who we are in Chicago.

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Featured: South Shore Current

American History: Lessons White Folks Don’t Want to Teach or Learn


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Featured: West Side Current

Black Fatherhood Matters


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Focusing on the Good News that reflects love, pride and honor, invigorates our neighborhoods, attracts business, and engages the values of the communities we serve.



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Meet The Publisher

Lisa Dawn Taylor is the publisher of The Current Magazines and owner of the parent company, Current Visual Communications Group, Inc.

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