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Written by Samuel Adams -

When sons and daughters become men and women, they will take an inventory of the wisdom their parents shared with them. Unfortunately, the White media has vilified Black Fathers to the point that society has convinced itself Black Fathers are at best useless and at worst a burden. This is a lie!

Black Fathers have always mattered. Black Fathers have been instrumental in the nurturing and preservation of the Black community from enslavement and Jim Crow through imprisonment and lynching. No weapon formed against Black Fathers has been able to diminish their influence. The Black Fathers on this page prove that Black Fatherhood is alive and well.

Darnell Leatherwood -

Fatherhood is a grand human experiment, one designed to bring out the very best of a man. The act of protecting, teaching, disciplining, and above all else...loving one’s progeny is a defining characteristic of any Father and an obligation that we steward with great care. The legacy that is the relationship between Father and child is so valuable that we are often given many years to teach and many more years to watch our children. So, to the question of why is fatherhood special...well it is special because every child is special and our role in that “special” is fated.

Leon Gordon -

Being a Father is special because: in being a Dad, I actualize the full extent of my potential in living this human experience. I have been positioned to understand the very essence of human life in watching the process unfold from the consequence of my action to put forth the energy to create it. Yet, while the task to create a child is simple; the duty to be a Father is much more: it’s understanding that you’re responsible for molding the inner substance of another being and thus, the continuous evolution of the existential social lifeworld. I’m grateful to know love; as is the case, I pass its essence on to my children.

OT Mahone -

Being a Father is special to me because all of the time and lessons we share, I assume I’m teaching him only to find out we are teaching each other.

Fazson Chapman -

As a Father, the best lesson I learned is that I didn’t have to take what my Father taught me and give it to my daughter. I had to take what my Father taught me and learn to apply it and throw away what didn’t fit my parenting styles.”

Dion Steele -

Ten years ago after the passing of my Mother, I decided to take my daughters down to Tennessee; the place of my Mother’s origin and where she came into womanhood. As their Father, I wanted them to connect with my

Mother’s values and family. After all, she raised me, pushed me academically, and encouraged me to fly. As their Father, I am proud. Over the last ten years, I have watched them go from (three) bright-eyed curious little girls to morally sound college graduates. A Teacher, an Advertiser, and a Filmmaker! Seeing them shine in the tradition set forth by my Mother, makes me feel special.

Gabriel Durley -

Growing up I always saw Dads portrayed as stoic, stern, and one-dimensional disciplinarians, when in reality being a Father is far more multifaceted than that. An entire human being sees me as an example of how he should be and is watching carefully. One of the many special things about being Dad is knowing that my son and I are both maturing and learning together, however it is on me to show my son a positive role model.

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