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written by Samuel Adams

Black Women. Brilliant. Under 30. South Side of Chicago Raised and Educated.

The aforementioned words adequately categorize Kiwana Rule, Imani Williams, and Liani Willaims (no relation), but one descriptor is missing: Business Owners!

“I started my company based on my love for fashion. I’m obsessed with it, and I just wanted to create a shopping experience for people just like me. The independent, goal diggers, hustlers and dreamers that like to look good,” said Kiwana Rule, CEO of The Fashion Trap.

“After years of promoting and modeling for countless rave brands, I finally decided to create my own. I wanted to provide a space where women of color, especially Black Women, could feel beautiful and welcomed. And even though we encourage all races and genders to wear GIVEMEPLUR we strongly believe in Minority Representation,” voiced Imani Williams, CEO of GIVEMEPLUR.

An integral part of the brands created by these Black Women is promoting empowerment and positivity for Women.

Liani Williams, co-Founder, and CEO of Splash Dollz, captures this sentiment perfectly:

“(I want) to create a brand and campaign for women of all backgrounds and body types to have a brand where they feel safe, included, and can tap into their inner beauty and confidence. A brand based on feeling good about yourself and your image, if it’s in your home, intimate settings, or on vacation.”

The pandemic has had a crushing effect on small businesses, especially small, Black-owned businesses. Therefore, supporting small Black-owned companies should be a priority within the Black community. Please take a closer look at each of these businesses and patronize them for your everyday or specialty needs.

The Fashion Trap has a wide selection of Women’s clothes for everyone, from the curvaceous cuties to the slender sexies. The Fashion Trap has a motto: If you can dream it, you can do it, and if you look good in it, you should wear it! Visit The Fashion Trap online:

GIVEMEPLUR is rooted in the rave world, which vibes to the soundtrack of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Ravers believe in freedom of mind, body, and spirit. This freedom is expressed through the fashion and style created by GIVEMEPLUR. Visit GIVEMEPLUR online:

Splash Dollz centers on empowering Women by encouraging their body positivity and confidence through clothing. A wide array of bathing suits, lingerie, and loungewear are available at Splash Dollz for various occasions. Visit Splash Dollz on Facebook: Splash Dollz

Check them out on Instagram: @splash_dollz

Remember the names Kiwana Rule, Imani Williams, and Liani Williams. In their twenties, these Black Women CEOs have entered a world they were neither expected nor nurtured to enter. The words CEO and business owner have become synonymous with White men. K-12 public schools encourage a worker mentality, not an ownership mentality. These are just two of several walls these Black Women CEOs had to tear down to get a foothold in the business world. As they continue to build their brands, they will look to family, friends, and the Black community for the type of support that, too often, Black folks give to businesses that are not Black-owned or even have the Black community’s best interest at heart. Support Black Businesses!

Support The Fashion Trap, GIVEMEPLUR, and Splash Dollz! and all black female-led businesses.

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