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  • Stephen L Carter, Sr.

COVID Series Part III: The Conundrum Each Of Us Face:

Trust the Anti-Maskers & Non-Maskers Are in COVIDß-19 COMPLIANCE

Or, I Am Wearing My Mask Inside/Outside Until January 1, 2022

by Stephen L. Carter, Sr.

To be completely transparent – let me confess my biases: I believe in “Deep Throats” still cogent advice from The Days of Watergate - “FOLLOW THE MONEY! i.e. who, what public event, which body of government, what business enterprise, which school system benefits monetarily from the images, and the optics of minimizing the need for masking? Let’s start with:

Chicago’s Lollapalooza Concert Summer 2021

The Chicago Restaurant Association & its Members

Chicago’s Bureau of Tourism

Illinois Tourism Bureau

Chicago Downtown Hotels

Chicago’s 2021 Marathon Organizers

Me and Current Magazines

And why do I list Lollapalooza Concert in Grant Park as Numero Uno on my list of Covid problematic concerns? Because I see – in my humble opinion - Lollapalooza as being a major risk to our non-masking public – 2nd only to any Trump rally gathering – outside # 45’s Mar Lago- potentially being the cause and the spreading agent of a new wave of Covid -19 break out. Again, only in my humble opinion.

Let’s be candid. Ask yourself, if you were to choose the least responsible population segment, the most likely social scenario that would be a catalyst for spreading a new wave of the Covid-19 virus, who would it be, what would be the occasion? Hmm, did anyone else besides me see the images of swarms of students on the beaches and bars of Florida during Spring Break 2020 and 2021? Hello!

Of my above list of “follow-the-money-leaders,” can any one of the above respond? I have no vested interest in masks being worn, or not being worn – number “h” included. Would any of the above not benefit by not being required to wear masks – and its inherent philosophy not benefit by not being mandated to wear masks? I need not bother to include bachelors, bachelorettes, playboys, and cougars who would benefit from the unmasking of potential boyfriends, girlfriends, and romantic candidates.

But let me not digress from the question: Are the non-maskers expected to be honest? Can you trust or verify their response if quested if they are vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19? Would you feel secure if they were joining your gathering at a favorite Wrigleyville bar, roadside tavern, hillbilly concert -sorry if hillbilly sounds pejorative – I mean Country and Western show? Or NASCAR race, Blackhawk hockey game, Crimson Tide vs. Georgia Ramblin Wreck football game, any sporting event – or God forbid – Church service?

Was it only obvious to me that the ridiculous assumption that any lifted protocol or personal integrity would somehow prevent the average Trumpeters and Trumpetets, Q-Anons and Q-Anonetts, Proud Boys and their Proud Girlets, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, and/or Sen. Mitch McConnell from continuing to observe social distancing and masking in enclosed public places? Ask any of the aforementioned how they would interpret integrity and listen to them tap dance or obfuscate.

I’ve watched too many newscasts and I have yet to hear a reporter question the interviewee if we could realistically expect a substantial number of the Amerikkkan public – and even the American public - to voluntarily maintain face mask protocol, social distancing – if it is not mandated. I would guess that even my coterie of friends and family will not be trusting enough of even the CDC to store their face masks – A year after my Baby Brother’s Covid-19 death, his widow and I will be respectfully asking guests at his memorial celebration to wear masks.

The most current CDC guidance suggests the following: (I share what you may need to know or remember.)

  • Masks work best when everyone wears one.

  • Even masks are not a substitute for social distancing; if ya don’t know ‘em or their habits – give ‘em 6 ft.

  • Cover your nose and mouth snugly – no matter how cute or handsome you are. Remember what Grandma told you, “Beauty is what beauty does.”

  • If you get on that train, bus, or plane – you still must wear your mask. Keep one or 2 handy.

  • Your sweetie-pies, Two years and older, should wear a mask in public. Like Pampers and Depends, masks come in all sizes.

  • Still, Rub-a-Dub-Dub with the hand soap while you sing a verse of “ You know you make me want to shout…” or recite the Lord’s Prayer if you never liked Ron Isley.

  • You’ll likely be able to safely chill, without masking, along the lakefront off DuSable Drive (Oh, I forgot. DuSable Drive is not official yet). Bikinis and Tank tops still OK, but few medical professionals would recommend laying out your blanket un-masked on Oak Street or 63rd street beach on Juneteenth or July 4th.

  • The efficacy of using Face Shields alone is still being studied. Keep up to date on that study.

  • It ain’t dope to have your mask hanging from one ear, hanging in readiness on your elbow, on your forehead, or around your neck.

  • If you’re not wearing your mask and pass “The BlackButterfly” on the street, in Whole Foods, Binny’s, Jewel, or Local Market – know this- I will shame you in print and publish your name and photo in the next edition of all 3 Current Magazines.

  • Keep updated on the latest professional advice from reputable news sources or talk to my main man, Dr. Anthony Fauci. FOX-TV? Hell To-the-Naw! Remember, I said “reputable” news sources. Don’t let bluster and a pretty face fool Ya!

I suggest that in one editorial writer’s opinion – with its inherent bias – that masking and social distancing is still a critical issue for ongoing review and examination right up to unmasking dates and targeted deadlines. I contend that it is to the advantage of all Americans and even “Amerikkkans” to examine through a prism of transparency – which lobbying body – governmental agency or institution, big business or person has the most to gain from de-masking, de-social distancing any time soon. Just raising the questions – in my humble opinion.

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