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  • Stephen L Carter, Sr.

COVID SERIES (PART V): Chicago Dodged A Bullet with Lollapalooza

Can We Let Our Collective Guard Down?

by Stephen L. Carter, Sr.

As in previous editions of CURRENT Magazines, I raise the question again…and Again…and AGAIN. Can we afford to let our guard down now in protecting family and self during this lingering pandemic? HELL NAW to the NAW - until sometime in 2022 when my Runnin’ Buddy, Dr. Anthony Fauci, calls me on my private line and tells me – “The coast is clear!”

Are you or any of your family and friends foreseeing the 2nd coming of Jesus coming before Christmas 2021? No, not me! Am I expecting masking protocols to relax in any place other than where Republican Florida governor, Mark “Little Trumpet” DeSantis, holds on to a weakening authority? There the “anti-maskers” suggest their God-given, unfettered rights are trampled solely because communities and school boards require ALL citizens to be better protected personally and protect family, neighbors, schoolmates, and friends by wearing a cloth mask as advised by medical experts.

The story of the soccer parent who complained that their 12-year-old child couldn’t breathe while sitting on the bench with their mask on was one hilarious excuse that I’ve heard for not wearing a mask. It had not reached his noggin that their child was on the bench because they aren’t skilled enough to play with the Big Boys or Girls. The kid couldn’t run laps, period – not because of wearing a mask on the bench. Oh, my goodness - they can’t breathe with that damn mask on! Ahh, give me a break!

There are some common-sense things – most of us understand. If I request/require that you cover your mouth and nose with your handkerchief when you sneeze – that isn’t invading your rights as a citizen of the United States of America or the Republic of Florida. Therefore, is it a stretch if citizens are required to wear a mask for safety purposes and the common good? Come on! –Some things are common sense – for the sensible and should not be construed as a Democratic political statement or support for President Biden or even my guy, Dr. Tony Fauci.

If I can leave you with three things in this CURRENT MAGAZINES Covid series update: One, is it not common sense to require that we wear masks based on Covid-19 and its variables that are airborne? Two, does it not make sense to require masking in public places like schools, restaurants, bars, sports venues, grocery stores, and public lobbies to protect all who enter? And three, is it too much to ask that we all take it upon ourselves to be civil in our daily engagement of our Brothers and Sisters, Brothas and Sistas, friends, and the not-so-friendly? Now number three may seem to be a stretch in an article about Covid protection, but common courtesy may be part of the control of Covid. (Hmm, do I show my age that we had a class called courtesy that had a little red textbook in my 6th-grade class in grammar school.)

I leave you with this thought: “Let Civility Rise Again!”

P.S. Chicago has officially invited citizens to drop-a-dime by calling 311 if they experience or see masking violations in the public places they might visit. It ain’t squealing; it’s protecting family and friends. Drop a dime on violating businesses for not posting masking notices and not enforcing masking in their business.

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